On August 23, our youth enjoyed a swim party to kick off the new school year!  We ate a pizza dinner and had a great time playing basketball, volleyball, and doing incredible flips and dives off of the diving board.photo 1


On August 24 our youth were trained to be acolyte and crucifers as well.  Our older youth led our younger youth in how to perform these duties, and Alex talked to the youth about how to serve as lectors and prayer assistants during the worship service.  At St. Mark’s, youth are an integral part of worship!

On September 7, our youth joined with the C.L.I.C.K. Children’s ministry to make 500 sandwiches for the Urban Ministry Center!  The Urban Ministry Center feeds about 800 people a day, and we were grateful for the opportunity to aid in this ministry.  We also had fun with several rounds of GaGa Ball in the Fellowship Hall.


On September 14, we had our annual Youth and Parent Meeting for lunch, a faith activity, and to discuss our upcoming activities.  Check out the picture below to see several of our youth families discussing vocation using the story of Moses’ calling found in Exodus 3.


Check back here at the Youth Blog periodically to read more about the happenings of St. Mark’s Youth!

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